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The business has been founded upon the principles of personal representation, sharing of knowledge and facilitation of introductions within the hospitality industry. As such the business has evolved from providing contingency recruitment services to providing broader consultancy services delivered through these divisions;

Chess Partnership - Contingency Recruitment
Operating from our offices in London and Farnham, the team specialise in recruiting for middle and senior management & chefs for hotels, restaurants & bars, events, foodservice and facilities management.

KH3 - Executive Search
A specialist provision of Executive Search to the hospitality and leisure industries, providing a knowledge and understanding of the industry as well as detailed research relating to any given assignment.

EP Business in Hospitality magazine - Communications
EP Magazine was launched in 2004 and provides in depth articles on people and issues surrounding the hospitality industry. Additionally we host a range of forums, debates and public interviews, to facilitate the exchange of information and encourage discussion across all sectors of the industry.

EP Business Evolution - Consultancy
Delivers swift, targeted advice to our clients from an exceptional pool of proven industry experts. Our unique blend of approach and talent delivers the exact knowledge and expertise that your business needs to enable you to thrive in today’s market.

Chess is proud to be a supporter of the One and All Foundation which has been established to focus on the progression and development of diverse talent in the hospitality industry.

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